How a honey face mask lead to a COCONUT OIL revolution

The spotlight cuts out. The night sky is full of stars.



So the journey unravels. 

In Laurel of Leaves’ post about honey face mask for clear, glowing skin it mentions using coconut oil as a moisturiser after washing off the face mask. I knew of coconut oil and had used a hand cream that contained it mixed with other essential oils and butters. I had also heard about how in the islands it is widely used. This got me thinking.

I soon tracked down a seller of coconut oil and ordered some along with essential oils and other soapmaking products I had my eye on for making my own shampoo (more in next post to follow). I knew very little about different qualities of coconut oil at this stage and what I ordered was RBD (refined, bleached and deodorised) coconut oil which I have since learnt isn’t as beneficial as the unrefined coconut oils due to loss of nutrients through heat treatment though a lot depends on what you personally want the coconut oil for. For my part I only wish I had found this out sooner as now that I have had a comparison I like the unerefined coconut oil much better. Yet, despite this I still loved using it from the moment I started. At first I used it  just on my face and hands, a light layer as I soon found out that a little goes a long way for this oil.

The more I read about coconut oil the more uses I found for it and the more I loved it. Some uses that I used are on my face, lips, eye makeup remover, leave in hair defrizzer, deep conditioning hair treatment, as a full body lotion, exfolitaing body scrub with sugar and essential oil to scent, in the bath, with tea tree oil for athletes foot and there are so many that I haven’t had time to try them. For a more comprehensive list click on this link to Wellness Mama.


More recently I have been looking for a better quality coconut oil than the one I started with. I was loaned some Ceres Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (picture at top of page) recently and this is very good stuff! For starters it’s a snowy white colour when solid (at colder temperatures) and clear when liquid (at warmer temperatures) and it has a nice coconut smell. From a solid the oil melts at skin temperature to easily blend into skin.

A good site for purchasing coconut oils that I found was The Coconut Oil Shop. They are a New Zealand based company that specialise in importing quality coconut oils from overseas at good prices. Along with the Ceres brand they stock a range of other good quality coconut oils and they can do small sizes or bulk orders with free postage within New Zealand. Also they have so much helpful information on their website to help guide you to which oil will best suit your needs.

I’m buying in bulk because I know that I’m going to use it! I’d still like to try using coconut oil to make soap, deodorant, toothpaste and the list goes on…